ultimateUltimate Light Healing for the 21st century and beyond.. Please visit the ‘Cure’ and ‘Consciousness’ pages to book.. My work is a direct channeling of Divine Energy, and so is by Donation only.. I have access to many healing and upgrading energies, all from different parts of ‘Source’. From the Quantum Field, to the Nuclear Field, and the very Essence of ‘Source’/God itself… ♥

Welcome! This is your Ultimate Healing Hub.. My name is Kira. I’ve created this site to make it easier for you to book a healing… So I have been guided by my Higher Self to present a much more simplified version.. All healings are by donation only. Please see below for how to make a donation..

Instead of giving many options, there will only be a few to choose from.. 

…it will work like this:

There will be a main Healing Button, specifically for Healing. A button for Healing related to Consciousness, soul integration issues (see below). And a button for the Matrix Healing, for those suffering with viruses, cancer etc.. This will make it easier for me to identify your needs quickly.. If you should need more sessions, you will be able to book follow up sessions too… Most issues can be resolved within 3 sessions… Booking options can be found on the ‘Cure’ page..

The ‘Consciousness’ page is dedicated to sessions of a Soul nature, such as ‘Soul Integrations’. There will likewise be a booking button on this page..

The way this works is that when you book an ultimate healing with me, if you are unsure exactly what you need, I will consult my/our Higher Self in order to choose the most appropriate method for you.

The quicker your healing is done the better, especially if you are suffering with a virus such as the SARS one and need quick treatment if you are having breathing difficulties (I have treated many for this ailment, even members of the nursing profession!) . These sessions include the use of the ‘matrix removal’ which I use for all viruses, growths, cancers.. More about this on the ‘Cure’ page..

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Wishing you the very best health and harmony within your body temple. This is what you, as a Divine Being deserve! You can contact me on +44 7942282381, and on ‘Signal’