consciousnessConsciousness is key.. We are Beings of consciousness and energy, transitioning through the many levels of density, expressing ourselves as varying degrees of Light in all dimensions…


As we grow, we become lighter and more ethereal, being able to hold more photonic light within our vessels.. Dropping density means that we cannot hold anything within us that isn’t an energy match for these higher/faster energies.. This will inevitably result in our bodies being purged of the heavy emotions and thought forms that have been holding our vibration down and keeping us stuck in recycling old energy..

The body and its cells are a battery, and when the life current or ‘KI’ flows easily through us without resistance, we are healthy.. Our Consciousness interface with the world around us affects our mind/body matrix directly. Therefore any traumatic experiences that we have will unfortunately impact upon our health and wellbeing…

It is therefore important that we attain a level of ‘Self Mastery’ so that we can surf the waves of ‘Life’ without being unduly affected… Over many lifetimes we have had experiences where we could not process the hurts and pain, and as a result have disowned or isolated parts of ourselves since we were unable to heal. These disowned parts or ‘Soul Fragments’ need to be integrated in order to bring us back to ‘Wholeness’..
There are different types of integration. The ‘Soul Integration’, Higher Self Integration’ (which merges and integrates our Higher Self Aspects into One Unified Field), and the ‘Inner Child Integration’, where we heal the parts of us that are literally stuck in childhood, not being able to move forwards. If necessary, I will remove the matrix of any ‘Soul Trauma’ which may be having a significant impact upon you now, even if it comes from a past life ..     

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Consciousness Healing