cureWe all want to feel well.. We all want to be healthy and happy. These states are interlocked. It is our emotional nature that affects the ‘cellular memory’ when we hold long standing lower frequency energies, traumas within our Emotional Body…

Ideally our Emotional Body should be aligned with our Higher Self monad so that we will not experience the trauma/drama of life. This though only happens when we have released all of our ‘Kundalini’ energy, and many are not at this point in their evolution yet..  

So we have to work with what is available to redress the balance, release the ‘stuck energy’, as this is what causes illness as a rule. There are occasionally external environmental forces which impact upon our health, such as the presence of bioweapons, the pollution of our air, water, food. But most of the factors which affect our health lie within, and when we have a strong healthy immune system, this protects us from outer invaders. My work addresses what lies ‘within’ and ‘without’.. 

My name is Kira and I have been doing this healing work since 2010. Though I am a certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner, EFT and Energy Healer, as a Divine Channel, I have been empowered to transmit the most powerful healing and upgrading energies on Earth at present.. This is due to my Elohim (Lords of Light, our Creators) lineage.. 


All energies that I work with are from ‘Source’/God.. To give you an idea of the ‘tools’ that are at my disposal, I can firstly see the matrix code of anything, and either remove or blueprint it if this is necessary… I can utilize high frequency energies that will lift your vibration instantly, thus taking you out of depression (I have used this on a number of suicidal cases). The energies that I use will also resolve/heal addictive behaviour, this includes physical addiction and emotional addiction.. The energies work at the causal level, removing the cause of the issue at its core. They also contain the Divine Phi Ratio, returning your body into harmony and balance… I can also give you energies that will heal and upgrade your DNA, making you stronger, healthier and less susceptible to illness and decline..

It is my belief that we can live long healthy happy lives, much longer than we have previously done. Since our body script is generally written into our DNA – WE CAN CHANGE THIS.

We are moving into a new enlightened Era, one of great harmony and Light. In this higher vibration, we will no longer be able to hold lower energies.. The energies and frequencies that I use will help you to eliminate these heavy dense vibrations, and move easily to the new paradigm.  

All work is performed remotely. It is by Donation only.. You schedule a day/time that is convenient for you, give yourself around 30 minutes of peace and relaxation during the allotted time, and I will do the rest. I will try to email you at some point afterwards.. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me…

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If you wish to be empowered yourself to use these amazing healing energies, please contact me, either by email, phone or Signal (+447942282381) .. thank you. ♥