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“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kira.. The cravings and the eternal hunger are gone!!  I feel so relieved, and  feel normal in the food path for the first time in my life.. To me this is a miracle! You have to be magical!! Even the blood sugar was much lower, and I am losing weight.. This has to be the Greatest News for the World… recalibration.. Wow! ” Aase Krogh

“I’ve had the SARS COVID 2 code removed by Kira. I had a second virus and Kira removed that too. Then I recovered quickly. I think the virus that gave me diarrhea weakened me so that I got covid. Nothing happens by chance. My Higher Self prompted me to contact Kira, so help was arranged ♥” Ina Luttjeboer

“Kira has removed viruses for my children and they recover very quickly, it is a true gift praise God! We all love you Kira!” .. Lauren Lewis

“I contacted Kira a few months after an injury to one of my fingers. I had tried many treatments to restore the movement in the joint (since I am a body worker), when I decided to try the Collective Field Healing.
After this healing treatment, it does not feel as tight or “stuck”. I have more movement and am able to manually fold it without issue, which wasn’t the case before. Thank you SO much for this fantastic healing!”.. April McBride

” Since a liver recalibration, I can take breaths more easily, so that’s great! .. Also, I think that due to my recalibration, I had a HUGE emotional shift, an outpouring. It came as a surprise as I wasn’t aware I felt this, and was surprised that I have been still carrying those feelings around since childhood, having thought that I had dealt with them. I am so grateful that you are able to offer this help and more than willing to give reviews” … Lesley Ward Hinkson