“I contacted Kira when a friend of mine, Graeme was rushed into intensive care in 2020, suffering with breathing difficulties due to the presence of the SARS Covid 2 virus in his body. He was placed on a ventilator and only given a 1% chance of survival.. Kira removed the matrix code of the virus,… Continue reading J.Brindley

Marie Covely

“Thank u for the guidance and I really am happy to be pain free! I believe my friend is also coming to you! Will keep in touch Kira – thank you for EVERYTHING Love love love ✨ M 💚”

Aase Krogh

“My niece was so sick, she couldn’t breathe! (She was so close to being picked up by an ambulance to get oxygen!).. Later after Kira removed the virus code, she could breathe freely again! ♥  Thanks again Kira for saving her… ♥

Kim Hunt

”  I came across Kira and her amazing technologies, after having had stage 4 breast cancer. Her healing gift made perfect sense to me. If there was a way to determine the configuration of our original healthy body system and introduce that configuration in to a body that wasn’t working at it’s optimum the body… Continue reading Kim Hunt